How to make vegan makeup at home

Create your own beauty product that is good for you and the planet


Hey there, future cosmeticspreneur!

Have you been searching for online tutorials on how to make your own vegan skincare and makeup?

Maybe you're struggling to get started because there are
so much information out there and you don't know which one to follow?

Or maybe you already know how to make cosmetics
but not really sure how to customize it?

And you cannot afford to join online schools because they are so expensive!

You have come to the right place and I am so glad to see you here!

Make and sell your handmade cosmetics

Now, imagine these:

You have raving 5-star reviews in Etsy and you are a Star Seller. You have thousands of buyers for each product.

People know and recognize your brand in Flea Markets.
They know your products are good.

Famous influencers and popular celebrities tag you in their reviews because you made such a good product.

Photos of your products get published in magazines
like Vogue, Marie Claire or Harper's Bazaar.

People from all over the world love your products.

They even created hashtags for you! 
#yourbrandhere #yourproductnamehere 

You now have a thriving business and have more time and money to spend for your children.

That is why you should start making skincare and makeup products now !

Make makeup products such as Foundation, Lip Matte, Blusher, Eyeshadow, Concealer and more!

Create your own beauty concept using KISS Formula.

Sell your handmade products worldwide!

Don't feel like selling so many products? Just start with ONE because the biggest oak tree started with just an acorn!

From this...

... to this!

Discover the different types of Makeup

Want FREE Makeup + Skincare Formulas?

I also conduct Private Workshops and Masterclass!

I hate spam as much as you do.

Step by Step Guide

✔ Learn how to formulate cosmetics not copy other people's formula

✔ Make your own products from scratch 

✔ Understand the purpose of every ingredient and its functions 

✔ Troubleshoot why your products fail

✔ Use affordable tools

All these without paying thousands of dollars for a Lab or a Cosmetic Chemist.

Choose a concept that you like such as:

🌷 Organic
🌷 Natural
🌷 Clean or Eco-friendly
🌷 Halal-compliant or Muslim-friendly
🌷 Fragrance-free
🌷 Paraben-free
🌷 Or make use of 2 or more concepts!

Make Vegan Makeup is where you'll learn how to make your own vegan makeup and skincare.

Tips and tutorials shared here may not be found elsewhere.

You'll find step by step instructions, ingredients lists and suppliers to help you make cruelty-free products without compromising on quality.

After this, you will never have to follow other blogger's formula!

Free Vegan Makeup and Skincare Formulas

Are you looking for free vegan makeup and vegan skincare formulas?

I have a list of them to help you can get started right away!

You can make as little or as much and anytime you want!

Prefer To Use Mineral Makeup?

No problem. This is what you are going to learn first anyway.

How to make Powder Mineral Makeup? 

✔ Discover what ingredients to put and avoid

✔ Mineral sunscreen ingredients

✔ Use your preferred raw materials using the concept you like

✔ You can make 10g or 100g - it's up to you!


I promise you that you will not do any of these:

❌ no melting of crayons

❌ no harmful chemicals like mercury, lead, aluminium

❌ no re-melting and mixing of branded lipsticks

❌ no mixing of foundations into lotions

Formulate your own vegan makeup with high-performance, plant-based ingredients, butters and even actives.

You can also include flowers, spices and herbs grown in your garden!

Depending on where you live, most countries allow crafters to make vegan makeup at home. We will follow EU Cosmetic Regulations - the strictest cosmetic law in the world.

You have nothing to worry about. I will guide you every step of the way.

If you need help, there is a dedicated support group created for that.

Meet Your Trainer

circle prof pic.png

Yati Nasir

🌱 Founder & Formulator
🌱 Owner of Sweetheart Beauty 
🌱 Formulate cosmetics since 2017

  • Diploma in Computer Engineering
  • Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation
  • Certificate in Facial Masque Therapy
  • Advanced Certificate in Natural High-Performance Serum Formulation
  • Diploma in Formulating Natural Makeup and Advanced Color Cosmetics.

Yati has always been passionate about cosmetics since she was a teenager. 

In 2021, her passion grew into a full-time business. 

Now, she is teaching how to formulate beauty products that your customers will ❤️!

Ready to make your first vegan makeup?

vegan makeup concepts


vegan makeup free formulas

Free Formulas

vegan makeup supplies


Did you know?

🌷All makeup lovers have Lipstick!
Many makeup enthusiasts more than 10 nude shades.

🌷Serums are often used before bedtime.
The most expensive serum costs USD$1,800 per oz.

🌷15,000 people use Pillow Mist.
Some people use it to fall asleep faster and some love its fragrance.

🌷Many makeup artists swear by Makeup Primer.
It makes their clients look flawless and helps outdoor photography looks better!

make vegan makeup customers

I love how Yati makes it so easy to formulate skincare and makeup right at the comfort of my home! I am able to make serums, cleansers and lipsticks now. I can look after my 2 kids and still get an income!

~ LittleNassy

make vegan makeup customers

Yati's Mini Masterclass is the best! I have been wanting to make a natural foundation for years and now I can formulate it over and over again! I am so excited to attend her upcoming classes! 

~ Sha 

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