How to formulate lip matte?

Welcome to my free Workshop series - How to formulate Lip Matte! In this lesson, you will learn how to formulate lip matte using your favorite ingredients!

There are only 3 modules in this workshop. Take your time to go through each one and repeat if necessary.

Module 1 - Introduction (18-page slides)

Module 2 - Ingredients (14-page slides)

Module 3 - Formulation + Practical (15-page slides)

Join the Workshop!

It's free to join. To enroll, click on this link.

formulate lip matte

Formulate Lip Matte like a pro

If you are a:

  • newbie
  • hobbyist
  • skincare formulator looking to expand your range

This Workshop is made best for you. You can explore your own creativity to make your own shade with your preferred ingredients and concept!

What to expect

Unlike the online courses, free Workshops are 'bite-sized', small introductory topics.

There are presentation slides that you can read at your own pace. Because there is no time frame to complete it, you can start and pause anytime you like!

This Workshop is not for you if you are against the use of silicones in cosmetics.

There are no video tutorials in the free Workshops series.

If you have any questions or need extra support, feel free to email me at

See you in the Workshop!

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