Eye Makeup Remover 101: The Essential Guide

What is an eye makeup remover?

An eye makeup remover is a cleanser that removes makeup from around the eye area. It is usually a no-foam, non-greasy liquid or gel cleanser that can remove waterproof makeup.

The reason that this cleanser is safe to be applied around the eyes is because it contains a very mild surfactant. It is gentle and does not sting your eyes. It is also effective in removing mascara.

It is not necessary to use a foam cleanser after that but it is ok if you wish to do so.

Types of eye makeup remover

There are many to choose from!

There are also products that are formulated according to skin types:

  • sensitive skin
  • oily skin
  • acne-prone

Why use eye makeup remover? Is it necessary?

In my opinion, it depends. 

If you are a heavy eye makeup user, using one is definitely a must, no matter how lazy you are!

Your facial cleanser may not be able to cleanse away ALL the primer, foundation, eyeshadow or mascara.

If you wear eye makeup lightly, no eyeliner and mascara, then it may not be necessary because your facial cleanser can do the job.

To ensure your eyes are properly cleansed, use a cotton wool or a cotton pad.

Remove any fake eyelashes first. 

Then, dab the remover onto the wool or pad and gently swipe in one direction, away from the eyes.



  • Swiping aggressively does not mean more makeup is removed
  • Use different side of the cotton wool or cotton pad each time you swipe
  • It's ok to use more cleansing solution
  • Always moisturize after you are done with cleansing your face
  • Use a little bit of moisturizer if the colors are not coming out properly

Who can use eye makeup remover?

Everyone can use it! 

  • Both men and women makeup lovers
  • Both young and old
  • Generally safe for kids too

However, it is not suitable to remove makeup entirely from your face.

This is because, it usually contains mild surfactants that may not be strong enough to pick up the colors and the oils.

A proper facial cleanser such as facial foam is highly recommended.

Which eye makeup remover is the best?

Ah.. This one is tough.

If you purchase one that is:

  • suitable for your skin type (normal, oily etc)
  • suitable for your concept (vegan, organic, natural etc)
  • skin-friendly (one that does not give you allergic reactions)
  • affordable

I think every product is good. All you need is to find the right one that you like.

Where to purchase quality makeup removers?

These are a few online shops that you can your favorite cleansers!

  • Strawberrynet
  • LoveLula
  • iHerb

Or do you prefer to DIY?

Hi 5! I love to make my own cosmetics too!

Head over to this page and learn how you can make DIY Eye Makeup Remover.

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