Eco-friendly vegan makeup - The Ultimate Guide


Another vegan makeup hype is eco-friendly vegan makeup. It is not just vegan but also eco-friendly.

What is eco-friendly vegan makeup?

Eco-friendly vegan makeup is makeup that uses environmental-safe packaging and ingredients. 

Wait. Eco-friendly ingredients? Yup!

What is eco-friendly packaging?

An eco-friendly packaging is:

  • sustainable
  • reduced carbon footprint
  • biodegradable
  • can be reduced, reused, or recycle

It can be difficult and costly to source out for eco-friendly packaging but it's worth it.

What about eco-friendly ingredients?

There is one ingredient that is not eco-friendly which is Palm oil.

It is produced by extracting the oil from the internal seeds called the kernel. As the rainforests are cleared, they release massive amounts of Carbon Dioxide!

Harvesting a palm fruit requires hard labor. He has to chop off the branches in order to dislodge the bundle then it crashes to the ground. 

Once they have taken all the fruits, the land is then burnt to make way for another plantation. This slash-and-burn technique is cheap but is causing more damage to the soil, air and ozone layer.

Photo by Ramesh Pandey @rameshpandeyifs

Did you know?

Since the lockdown in 2020, the peaks of Himalayan Mountains are now visible.

Because people are forced into their homes for weeks, there are less pollution and the air has become clearer!

Another ingredient is not really an ingredient - it is a fertilizer used for crops. 

When fertilizers are made with chemicals, they release chemicals into the soil! Plants absorb them, and we eat plants. 

Rain will wash off the excess chemicals into the sea and river. And you guess it right - our fishes are harmed. Dozens of synthetic chemicals are found in fishes according to a study in Portland.

Another non-eco ingredient is pesticides.

You see, every crop will have pests. To ward off these pests, they need to use pesticides. Pesticides are sprayed onto the leaves and branches of the crops. Again, they will end up in the soils, seas and rivers and the cycle goes on.

Why use eco-friendly vegan makeup?

By being vegan, it shows that you care for animals. But by using eco-friendly vegan makeup, you are one step higher than the rest. It means you are saving the Earth.

If you show support by using eco-friendly vegan makeup, it saves us all by breathing in more oxygen, eats lesser chemicals, and enjoy cooler weather.

Where to buy eco-friendly packaging?


Did you know that glass produces more carbon footprint than plastic? Yup! So it can be pretty tough to choose - plastic or glass or bamboo?

Now, bamboo jars can look naturally appealing but if you notice, the jar that is glued onto the bamboo external packaging is still plastic!

You know why? Because it has to hold an emulsion that should last for 2 years! A true bamboo cannot hold cream that has oil and water in it for 2 years, can it? Only plastics can!

The good news is, that's not the end of your makeup business. You can use Aluminum because it can be recycled. The process of recycling, if need be, is also less complex compared to plastic. Hooray!

SKS Bottle & Packaging has plenty aluminum bottles, cans, and tins for you. 

If you want a more elegant look, check out Sulapac

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