What is vegan makeup?

A question I get asked a lot is what is vegan makeup. A typical vegan makeup does not contain any animal products and by-products.

Vegan makeup is automatically categorized as cruelty-free. Vegan products are not tested on animals and never will.

However, vegan makeup manufacturers are not restricted to use the following ingredients or in their formulations:

  • sulfates
  • aluminum
  • alcohol
  • paraben
  • mica
  • silicones
  • lab-derived alternative ingredients

How is vegan makeup different from regular makeup?

A vegan makeup is no different that a regular makeup in terms of its functionalities.

A vegan liquid foundation works the same way as a regular, non-vegan liquid foundation which is to act as a second skin, making its wearer look flawless and fresh.

What makes the difference is its ingredients:

  • Instead of using Lanolin derived from sheeps' wool, you can use Coco-Caprylate.
  • Instead of using Beeswax, there is Candelilla wax.

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How many types of vegan makeup are there?

Err... many!

I think there are more coming in the next few years.

At the moment, these are the types of vegan makeup that consumers are interested in:

  • all-natural vegan
  • clean vegan
  • eco-friendly vegan
  • ethical vegan
  • indie vegan
  • organic vegan
  • paraben-free vegan
  • cruelty-free vegan
  • halal vegan
  • plant-based vegan

So when you ask what is vegan makeup, you may want to consider what type of vegan makeup you are looking for.

What is vegan makeup for vegans?

A person who is already a vegan or vegetarian usually prefers to use vegan makeup.

They are not only animal lovers but also love and respect nature.

It is very common that these people are caring pet owners, friendly farmers or owners of beautiful gardens too!

It's like they have a cosmic connection with animals and nature.

When I did a personal survey in 2019, one that I did among my vegan friends, I found out:

🌼 Vegetarians use minimal makeup - foundation and lipstick are the most commonly used

🌼 The fragrance is the most important factor of a cosmetic product

🌼 Price does not matter, as long as the makeup is vegan 

🌼 Packaging is the least important - most of them discard the packaging when the product has finished

🌼 Color of the product always excites consumers but they won't mind if product is just white or nude

Switching to vegan beauty

Are you thinking about making the switch to vegan makeup? Now is a good time to do it!

Even better if you make them yourself!

Many major cosmetic brands including Fenty and Kat Von D are joining the clean beauty.

Some brands are not 100% vegan yet but they are slowly transitioning into a completely vegan collection.

Now you can find many vegan beauty products - skincare, makeup, hair care and pet products too!

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