What is organic vegan beauty?

organic vegan beauty

Organic vegan beauty is like an upgraded version of organic cosmetics. This means, the consumer wants the products to be organic AND vegan.

20 years ago, vegan beauty was not so popular as organic beauty. Not many people are aware of the importance of being cruelty-free and eco-friendly. 

Did you know that it can be tough to create an organic vegan beauty product?

Yes, it can be tough because it must:

  1. not contain any animal products and by-products
  2. best be packaged in a sustainable packaging
  3. only contain organic ingredients, not just natural or naturally-derived
  4. choosing colorants can be difficult because most natural colorants do not last

The first 2 points may not be a problem but the 3rd and 4th point are what forcing scientists to work harder!

There are more consumers who are looking for a 100% organic vegan beauty these days. Although it is possible to make one, like these brands did:

Beginner cosmetic crafters will have a hard time formulating from scratch.

You have to ensure your organic vegan beauty product:

  • is stable - does not separate
  • preserved properly - does not grow mold within the month
  • pigments are dispersed well and evenly
  • works in all climate - it's stable whether it is used in cold America or hot Asian countries

What is the difference between a homemade organic vegan beauty and commercial ones?

A homemade makeup usually contains cinnamon, arrowroot powder and turmeric.

These ingredients may be organic but are not suitable for all skin types. Some people can have burning side effects or itch.

Commercial makeup products, apart from using high quality cosmetic-grade ingredients, they are also:

  • formulated by cosmetic chemists
  • manufactured in a GMP lab or facility
  • tested for stability, dermatology reactions
  • preserved accordingly
  • packaged accordingly

How to formulate a successful organic vegan beauty product?

If you are a beginner, I suggest you take up courses on making organic skincare first. This is to prime you on the subject of organic and natural. 

Many times, people are confused between these 2 terms. 

Then, start making your own organic vegan beauty products such as emulsion, cleanser and balms. Play around with the ingredients and you will notice there is a set of go-to ingredients that you will always use.

When you are confident enough, then start to formulate makeup products.

To get the proper certifications, you can choose to learn at the below institutions via online.

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