Which cosmetic school should you join?

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Hey there! Are you looking for an online cosmetic school?

You have come to the right place!

This is where I share everything I know about online cosmetic schools so that you can choose which one you would like to join.

Please note that I am not affiliated with any of the schools that I recommend on this page. I share this information out of my own will and you will choose at your own risk to enroll in whichever school you'd like.

Factors to choose the perfect cosmetic school

Before I enroll in any online cosmetics school, I always do some checks.

These include the school's reviews and Facebook page! The list below will also provide you with other factors that I consider:

1 - Accreditation

This refers to:

  • Some cosmetic schools have international accreditations which means if you have a Certificate or Diploma, you can work anywhere in the world and be recognized
  • Online reviews. A real school will have mixed reviews of good and bad. By the way, reviews from Trustpilot are genuine. You can rely on them.
  • Address, Email and/or Contact no. A real school usually has all 3 information. Feel free to contact them and enquire!

2. Who's in charge?

This refers to:

  • The person in charge of the school or company
  • Usually she is the one doing the talking and explaining in the school's videos
  • There are many self-taught bloggers online but don't judge a book by its cover just yet. See if you can find anything that gives her the credentials - experience, papers, past career etc.
  • Does she or her company has a social presence? If yes, how's the interactions, likes or follows?

3. Video + Audio Quality

This refers to:

  • The quality of her videos and how she presents herself
  • Usually cosmetic schools offer free classes or snippets of the paid course or even a "tour" of what's going on when you join - What do you think of the quality? Is it professional or is it sloppy?
  • Does she have an accent that you find it difficult to understand?

4. Price

This one depends 100% on you.

  • Cosmetics courses have a wide range of prices. They can be priced from as little as $7 to a whopping $997 or more
  • Lower priced courses are usually smaller, easier and faster to finish.
  • The higher priced ones are usually the bigger, project or assignment based and require a lot more time to finish
  • Some schools offer an instalment plan while some request full payment

5. Student Support

This refers to:

  • The support they offer to students in terms of coursework, technicalities and any administrative related
  • Do they have a dedicated Fb group, email or Discord?

Online Cosmetics School that are real, trusted and reliable

This list provides you with online cosmetics school ranging from Skincare, Makeup and Aesthetics.

There is only ONE online school that provides nutrition studies for your skin and that is non-other than my former tutor, Star Khecara who is running Skin Nutrition Institute, UK.

They are listed by Country, updated in March 2023.

Some are my former tutors and classmates but if you have any questions, please enquire directly to them.

  • Formula Botanica, UK
  • School of Natural Skincare, UK
  • Learn Canyon, UK
  • Formulator Hub, UK
  • Plush Folly, UK
  • Karen Gilbert Fragrant Alchemy, UK
  • Lisa Lise Pure Natural Skincare, UK
  • Tisserand Institute, UK
  • Vizio Makeup Academy, US
  • Aesthetic Video Source (Video Shelf), US
  • Beauty Courses Online, Australia
  • Institute of Personal Care Science, Australia
  • Skincare DIY Point, Philippines
  • The Formulator Shop, Nigeria (not the same as Formulator Sample Shop!)

There may be other schools that provide valuable courses I do not know of. But please be extra careful and do your checks before you sign up.

I was scammed once by a famous formulator based in US. I hope she doesn't do it again to other people.

Would you like to include your online school into the list? Please contact me directly with the following information:

  • Name of your online school
  • Country that you are based in
  • Social presence - FB or IG handle
  • Courses you provide + Fees
  • Testimonials or reviews (if you are totally new, that's ok if you don't have any reviews yet)

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