What is a fruit pigmented makeup?

A fruit pigmented cosmetic is a cosmetic product that makes use of colors derived from fruits.

Cosmetic lab professionals extract vibrant colors from fruits and ensure the color stays true throughout the product's shelf life.

As a formulator since 2017, I find that the colors in my fruit pigmented products tend to fade away very fast!

For example, I once made a Raspberry extract and made a Night Serum with it. However, it became brown after 2 weeks. So, I thought I needed more preservatives. And in the next batch, I added a 2 preservatives and continued to observe.

It became brown after 2 weeks! I did not pursue this case and stopped there.

While it can be tough preserving natural colors that you DIY, you can still make fruit pigmented cosmetics with commercial colorants!

Fruit pigments from trusted suppliers

There is one reliable company that sells fruit pigments. That is non-other than Aroma-zone.

They have:

  • Mineral colorants (Mica and Oxides)
  • Plant extracts
  • Plant pigments
  • Vegetable hair dyes (I have no idea how long the colors last!)

Another reliable source is of course Wholesale Supplies Plus.

They also have a wide range of colors suitable to make soaps, bath bombs, nail polish and makeup!

How to use fruit pigments in my product?

No matter what you make, you can be assured customers will love you for choosing this option!

Firstly, determine what product you are making. Is the colorant lip-safe? Comply with your country's regulations?

Secondly, find out if it is water or oil soluble or dispersible. So you will know where to add the colorants - into water or into oil!

Thirdly, check what is the recommended quantity to be added. 1 to 5%? Or is there a maximum amount of only 3%?

Fourth, is it heat tolerant or cannot be heated at all? Is it temperature sensitive or it doesn't matter at all?

Are there any other information that is vital that the supplier mentioned? Take note of that!

Make the product and test!

Now it's time to make your product and test it out! 

Because home crafters are not able to test it out in a lab, there are some things that we can do... although it requires many days, weeks and sometimes months!

I do find this process very time consuming but quite worth it!

  • Are you happy with the color or did you wish you added more?
  • Now store it in a cool dry area - are they any changes after 24 hours? What about after 48 hours?
  • Try storing it in a bright place. Did the color fade after 24 hours? After 48 hours?
  • Did mold appear?
  • Did the product separate?
  • Does it give off a bad odor?

Makeup brands that use fruit pigments

Of course, if you are not into waiting and evaluating your products, you can always send it to the lab or...

Just buy it at the store already!

100% Pure is always proud of their fruit pigmented products!

If you are looking for other brands instead, head over to Etsy

Have you recently made a cosmetic using fruit pigments?

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