All Natural Vegan Cosmetics - The Ultimate Guide

all natural vegan cosmetics

When it comes to vegan beauty, all natural vegan cosmetics is one of the many philosophies that consumers believe in.

What are all natural vegan cosmetics?

An all-natural vegan cosmetics are products that are vegan + all natural. That means they:

  • do not contain animal products and by-products
  • are not tested on animals 
  • do not contain artificial, synthetic, and GMO ingredients
  • generally do not contain harmful ingredients mentioned here

How to know if a brand is an all natural vegan cosmetic?


Vegan makeup does not mean it's Natural, Organic, Halal, Eco-friendly and Ethical.

Easy. Brands - however small they are, tend to be proud of their philosophies. So if they are an all-natural and vegan product lover, they will publish it all over their page.

Look out for words that say:

  • made with natural ingredients
  • 100% natural
  • cruelty-free
  • Leaping Bunny certified
  • vegan certified
  • COSMOS certified
  • Eco-Cert certified

Why use all natural vegan cosmetics?

Using vegan cosmetics means you care about the animals. You are against cruel tests done on innocent animals such as rats, mice, and monkeys.

What if you can use cosmetics that are also all-natural? That would be a bonus right! 

While some people use all-natural vegan cosmetics because of their love for animals and botanicals, some people choose this option because of their sensitive skin.

Non-vegan products can cause redness, itch, breakouts, and sometimes burn. And many people believe that vegan cosmetics contain lesser ingredients.

Do take note that how natural or organic an ingredient is, it does contain a group of natural chemicals in them. Without these chemicals, they cannot function. For example, a geranium flower contains Geraniol that has insect-repellent properties. 

Consumers who have sensitive skin may be sensitive to Geraniol. But some consumers may be sensitive to an alcohol present in preservatives known as Benzyl Alcohol. 

Which is better: a vegan cosmetic or an all natural vegan cosmetic?

It depends on you! Do you prefer vegan or all-natural or both? What is your philosophy? What do you care about most? Or does an all-natural vegan works better on your sensitive skin? 

Sometimes you just have to buy it and try. If you have the option to buy a trial set, go for it!

Where to buy all natural vegan cosmetics?

There are many vegan makeup brands out there. However, do take note that not all of them carry all-natural vegan cosmetics. 

Here are some recommendations:

If you are not sure, check their Philosophy or About page. Most brands explain which category they prefer on those pages. 

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