Meet Yati Nasir

about me


I am the Content Creator behind Make Vegan Makeup. I have been a beauty blogger since 2014.

Now, I am a SAHM and doing the things I love - teaching beauty & cosmetics classes online!

If you have found me via Google or Bing, that's because I have engaged a comprehensive, integrated, business-building system known as Solo Build It! (SBI!)

The difference between SBI! and Wordpress is, SBI! is equipped with tools and a daily Action Guide. I don't even have to use Google Keyword Planner or install any plugins.

My background

I graduated with a Diploma in Computer Engineering in 2005 but I realized that that was not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I have always loved beauty, beauty products, beauty tools and DIY stuff. I know there is more out there than just baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice.

So 3 kids later, I decided to pursue my long awaited passion in beauty - Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation.

Not long after that, I pursued many other Certificates:

  • Certificate in Facial Masque Therapy
  • Advanced Certificate in Natural High-Performance Serum Formulation
  • Advanced Spa Facial Course
  • Apply Beauty Healing Touch Skills (Crystal Healing)
  • Certificate in Energy Healing
  • Black Soap Formulation
  • Cosmetic Workshops making Face, Cheek and Eye products

From knowing nothing about skincare and makeup, I am now equipped with vast knowledge that I cannot wait to share with you!

I have spent roughly SGD$5,000++ (USD$3,800) but don't you worry. I will never charge such a hefty price!

How I plan to help you in Make Vegan Makeup

I plan to help women and mothers who have lost income due to the recent pandemic situation. 

I aim to help you start off by teaching you basics and if you are ready to move on, you can choose to take up more advanced courses in the future.

Making makeup is similar to making skincare so if you have experience on skincare-making, that's a bonus! For those who are new, I will cover everything I can in the Beginner Classes.

I wish to start an active Vegan Makeup Community where we can share information in a group or a forum. This platform also serves as an encouragement to its members.

I also show support and donate my profits to women and children homes. 

Although I teach how to make makeup around the Vegan concept, feel free to change the ingredients according to your preference - natural, organic or Halal.

Making cosmetics is a journey... don't give up!

Why you can trust me

Making cosmetics is an experience.

I have made hundreds of products and sold them! Cleansers, creams, serums, foundations, deodorants etc...

I am not a DIY blogger who melts lipsticks, mix them and show it to the world. I make lipstick from scratch!

I was scammed $78 once. It was infuriating but I believe in Karma. 

❌ I am not a self-taught skincare blogger!

❌ I don't take ready-made creams or lotions and mix it with branded foundations and call it my own.

I make cosmetics from scratch!

Who is Make Vegan Makeup for?

I created this website for women who:

  • have lost their jobs or income due to the pandemic
  • want to spend more time at home with their children
  • wish to earn a side income selling products made with ❤️

Because running a business from scratch is not easy - I am glad to say that this website has grown from zero readers to a few hundred subscribers within 1 year... all without advertising, AI or copywriter!

They come from all over the world!

The concept of my products is Vegan. 

I will try my best to choose Organic otherwise Natural.

If I use ingredients that are not Vegan, Organic, Natural or Halal-compliant, I will always mention it so you don't have to worry which concept it falls under.

Although I am a Muslim, for cosmetics-making purposes, I do not focus entirely on Halal ingredients. I do work with Ethanol and Vodka to show my students how to make herbal extracts... I just don't drink them at the end of my class! 😂

This is not for you if...

Make Vegan Makeup is not about applying makeup. Honestly, I don't really know how to apply makeup.

The only thing I can do is blend my foundation, draw eyeliner and apply lipstick. That's all.

That is why in all my videos you will see me in minimal makeup. Most of the time don't apply anything on my skin.

❌ So, my website is absolutely not for you if you are:

  • looking for techniques to apply makeup and special effects
  • already an established makeup and/or skincare brand
  • already know how to make cosmetics 
  • looking for soap and candle formulas

Ready to make makeup?

Now it's time to roll up your sleeves and make some makeup!

Which one do you want to make first?

✓ Mineral Foundation

✓ Liquid Foundation

Liquid Lipstick

✓ Matte Lipstick

✓ Makeup Brush Cleanser 

Need help?

You can email me at

Please ensure you add me in your White List otherwise my replies will end up straight in your Junk or Deleted folder.