How to make a DIY mineral makeup, sell it and keep the 100% profits... from scratch?

(Plus 3 secret ingredients that DIY mineral makeup crafters rarely use!)

Hey future makeup master,

If you love making DIY mineral makeup like I do, chances are you have tried most formulas from Pinterest. 

And you cannot find "the one guide" that teaches everything! All you see is 1 tsp of this and 1/2 tsp of that.

You want more.

You want to learn what's the purpose of adding those ingredients.

And you want to know how much to add.

Then this will be the most important page you'll ever read!

Here's why:

I am going to reveal...

How to make your own vegan mineral makeup from scratch, tweak the formula or completely change the ingredients according to your preference.

Once you master this skill, you can make any mineral makeup with any concept: vegan, natural, organic or Halal.

Want to make a business making DIY mineral makeup? Why not? You can sell mineral makeup that you made yourself and keep the 100% profit!

If you are just starting out on this DIY makeup journey and you feel confused...

Then with this new skill, you can...

Stop using 'common ingredients' that can cause severe redness and itch to your skin.

And if you already have experience making cosmetics, you will dive deep into creating your own formulas!

Most home-based cosmetic crafters make cosmetics by:

  • Melting pre-made makeups
  • Melting crayons
  • Using cornstarch or arrowroot powder
  • Using cinnamon and turmeric for pigments
  • Adding baking soda for anti-odor
  • Using soot as eyeliner

But not you!

You will learn to use cosmetic-grade ingredients so that the quality of your product is similar to the ones you've bought!

And you can make it again and again... anytime!

You can package it in a pretty container and sell it too!

Or give them as gifts!

Ok you get it.

You can proudly say that your DIY Mineral Makeup contains SPF!

Yes! You can proudly say that your DIY mineral makeup has SPF 18! And all of these:

  • buildable coverage
  • no chemicals
  • suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin
  • preservative-free because it's powder!
  • totally customizable

Once you enroll in this FREE DIY Mineral Makeup Course, you will get:

  • study at your own pace
  • a 46-page presentation slide that you can save + print
  • lifetime support via email or FB Group 
  • discount coupon for future courses (emailed to you in future)

What are you waiting for?

** Please take note **

This online course is currently being updated. I hope to get it done by end January 2024. I will update you via email so join in the Club for free. I just need your name and email.