Benefits of vegan makeup

benefits of vegan makeup

Are you still wondering about the benefits of vegan makeup? You don't have to, anymore!

Vegan makeup is made for anyone who prefer makeup that is plant-based. The market is predicted to grow by 20% in the next three years, reaching $1 billion USD.

Back in the day

Vegan makeup is more than just a trend. It is a way of life and how you express your belief.

20-30 years ago, animal testing were very common. Mice, monkeys and rabbits were commonly used as testers before cosmetic products were sold to the market.

Heck! Not just tests on animals were done. Animal furs, ivory, organs can be found easily in the market!

Luckily the world become more aware and slowly consumers begin to realize the cruelty that these animals have to go through.

Poaching become illegal therefore animal leather and fur products have dropped. Ivory and internal organs become scarce due to heavy fine and can even lead to imprisonment. 

Now, more and more cosmetic brands have started to include clean and vegan products.

Animal products in cosmetics

There can be a wide range of animal and by-animal products in cosmetic products.

Click here to read on what makes makeup not vegan.

Although there are no animal products in your cosmetics, that does not mean that it's good for you.

You still need to know your skin type, allergy if any and also your skin tone.

Sometimes, vegan also does not mean it's Natural, Organic or even Halal-compliant.

Read the labels carefully and contact the manufacturer if needed.

Benefits of vegan makeup


By using vegan makeup, not only you oppose animal cruelty but also disagree to the unnecessary tests done on animals. I mean, humans use cosmetics so why test on innocent animals?

Vegan makeup do not contain any traces of animal by-products. So, the ingredients used are either organic, natural or lab-derived. 


Vegan makeup crafters are also earth-friendly people. As such, they will opt for biodegradable packaging if it is affordable.

Otherwise, you can expect aluminium or reusable plastic packaging.

If you use scrubs, did you know that most exfoliators cause harm to sea creatures? Hence, crafters opt to use exfoliators like jojoba beads because they are biodegradable.

Alternative ingredients

One of the benefits of vegan makeup that I love is, crafters are always able to find alternative ingredients. For example Retinol. Although it can be plant-based, sometimes it is hard to tell.

Retinol vegan and natural alternative is Bakuchiol. Bakuchiol is derived from the Babchi plant. It helps prevents fine lines and wrinkles. It gives similar functions as Retinol.


Most cosmetics also use Carmine as the main red colorant. However, Carmine comes from beetles and it is not vegan.

So to get the rich, red color, crafters have to look for other sources. Mica powder and oxides are particularly common in vegan products. You can also use Beetroot powder.

To add another point to the benefits of vegan makeup, it also helps serve the Muslim consumers! There must not be Carmine in Halal-friendly cosmetics.


Some vegan brands are also silicone-free. I personally love silicones because they provide a perfect glide and skin feel. It can be easily cleansed with a mild cleanser.

Instead of using Dimethicones, crafters opt for natural oils like Coco-Caprylate. It is derived from coconuts.

Not all animal products are derived using cruel methods

You must understand that not all the time animal products are derived by using harmful and cruel methods.

Usually farmers have excess by-animal products (depending on what they farm), that can be used in cosmetics:

  • cow, sheep - milk, tallow 
  • sheep - lanolin 
  • goat - milk
  • bee - honey, beeswax, propolis, royal jelly
  • pig - lard

If you live in an area near farms and you make cosmetics, it's totally ok to use these excess by-animal products - because there is no cruelty involved!

You can label your products as:

  • Made with Love
  • Made with fresh Goat Milk
  • Contains Beeswax from The Bees In My Backyard
  • Contains Lanolin donated from The Tundra Sheeps
  • Contains Tallow from The Roadside Cows

I am sure your customers will love you!

No difference from non-vegan cosmetics

Actually, a vegan foundation works the same way as a non-vegan foundation. It helps act like our second skin - cover up flaws and blemishes and making us look fresh and flawless. 

The process of making both vegan and non-vegan foundation works the same way too! You need:

  • functional ingredients such as oils, emulsifiers, chelators
  • aesthetic ingredients such as extracts, essential oils
  • preservative ingredients to prevent growth of bacteria, yeast and mold

So now that you know the benefits of vegan makeup already, it's time to try it out!

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