DIY Eye Makeup Remover

Always wanted to DIY Eye Makeup Remover?

Now you can!

But before that, let's go through some essential points of a typical eye makeup remover.

What's in a DIY eye makeup remover?

Unlike the regular cleanser, an eye makeup remover is mild. It contains purely water and water-based extracts. 

Apart from that, you can also find that it is almost naturally scented.

There is one magical ingredient in your DIY Eye Makeup Remover that will help to remove makeup in just a few swipes.

That ingredient is known as a surfactant - yes, the soap!

Because the surfactant content is pretty low in makeup removers, you will notice that it will not foam up like your regular cleanser.

Gather your ingredients

To make an effective eye makeup remover, you don't need expensive ingredients and materials.

Below is a list of botanical ingredients that you can use:

  • Hydrosols
  • Glycerites
  • If you don't have Glycerites, Pure Vegetable Glycerin will do
  • Water-based Extracts
  • Water-based Actives
  • Water-based Preservatives 

You will also need the star ingredient:

  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Please do not be confused with Coco Betaine. They are not the same!

If you like to add color or fragrance, that can be done too but I prefer to keep mind non-scented and no color.

Plan your formula

This is where you need to do a little bit of hard work. You have to brainstorm a formula that works.

To help you start off, think about these:

  • Besides removing makeup, what else do you want your product to do?
  • How do you want your product to look & feel like? 
  • Where are you going to put your product?
  • How much product are you going to make?

Base Formula

Here's how mine looks like:

Water - The base ingredient
Rose Hydrosol - I love the aroma!
Cucumber Glycerite - For hydration properties
Salicylic Acid - Helps remove blackheads
Cocamidopropyl Betaine - The star ingredient
Geogard Ultra - Helps preserve my formulation

And let's formulate!

27% Water
50% Rose Hydrosol
10% Cucumber Glycerite
2% Salicylic Acid
10% Cocamidopropyl Betaine
1% Geogard Ultra


Add Water, Rose Hydrosol and Cucumber Glycerite in a beaker.
Then, add Salicylic Acid and Geogard Ultra.
Lastly, add Cocamidopropyl Betaine.
Transfer into a container and it's ready to use!

Points to note

Because this formula is just a planned one, I did not actually do it.

So, if you do use my formula above, please remember to check the pH!

The recommended pH is anything between 5.0 to 5.5.

Anything below 5.0 or above 5.5, you are going to need a pH Buffer Solution.

It's your turn!

Now that you have a rough idea on how to formulate a DIY eye makeup remover, it's your turn to make one!

You can share products you make online with us on this page!

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