Facial Cream Course for Beginners

Learn how to make facial cream with your favorite ingredients!

Always wanted to learn how to make facial cream but can never afford the class? Now you can! 

Create your own facial cream with your preferred ingredients... in your own kitchen in less than 1 hour! No need for a secret lab and a cosmetic chemist!

Whether it's Vegan, Natural, Organic or Halal - choose your own concept! You can even customize according to skin type or target a specific skin condition.

Make a facial cream for yourself to nourish and moisturize your skin. Or make for a loved one as a gift.

A cosmetic class like this usually costs hundreds of dollars but you pay only $17 today for a lifetime access and support!

facial cream

$17 only

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All prices are in Singapore Dollars.
One-time payment only.

Everyone started from a beginner.

Elizabeth Arden had to travel to Paris to learn beauty and facial massages. She owned 150 salons then! (Who knows you might be an international brand some day too!)

Bobbi Brown hated the bright red lipstick so she created the nude series. (Is there something that you hate? Now's the time to create something you like!)

Gwyneth Paltrow has been giving lifestyle advice to family and friends. A year later, Goop started and gained 150,000 subscribers! (What are you going to make today then gain something big a year later?)

Here's what you will learn in DIY Facial Cream Class:

This is an online course.
You do not need to travel anywhere.
You can start and stop anytime you want. 

  • Simple chemistry of emulsion
  • How to choose suitable ingredients for your cream
  • The PFE Formula
  • Tips to make successful emulsions each time
  • Global supplier resources
  • How to package your product
  • How to label your product
  • Bonus Module - How to sell your product

After this class, you will have a better understanding on how emulsions work. You can go on and create your own luxurious cream! Call it Day Cream, Moisturizer, Anti-aging or come up with any name you like.

Because you can now make cream, you can then make other products such as Cleansers, Facial Masques, Balm and even Foundations.

Here's what's included

  • 42-page slide presentation
  • Video presentation 
  • Video tutorials
  • Notes
  • Lifetime support via email
  • Lifetime course access
  • 7-day moneyback guarantee

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners who have never made or have made homemade cosmetics before
  • Stay home moms who wants to make skincare and earn a sideline income
  • anyone who are interested in making emulsions as moisturizers, day cream, treatment cream etc

Of course, this is not for those who are:

  • experienced formulators because you already know how emulsions work and function
  • makeup artists because I only teach how to make cosmetics, not how to apply them
  • anyone below the age of 18 because you are going to handle some cosmetic grade chemicals that maybe dangerous and ignite fire - you need to get your parents'/guardian consent
facial cream

$17 only

Payment will be handled via Stripe.
All prices are in Singapore Dollars.
One time payment only.