DIY Vegan Toner

Want to make a simple DIY Vegan Toner today?

Let's go!

What's in a DIY Vegan Toner?

Well, the bulk of a toner is obviously water.

But, we can also add other plant-based ingredients such as:

  • Water-based Extracts
  • Hydrosols
  • Glycerites 
  • If you don't have Glycerites, Pure Vegetable Glycerin will do
  • Water-based Actives
  • Water-based Preservatives

There are no oils in toners. So, we do not need to add oils such like Coconut oil and Essential oils.

Plan your formula

This is where you need to do a little bit of hard work. You have to brainstorm a formula that works.

To help you start off, think about these:

  • Do you want too add fragrance or naturally-fragranced?
  • Which plant ingredients help to hydrate the skin?
  • Do you want it to help prevent blemishes, acne or pimples?
  • How much product are you going to make?

Base Formula 

Here's how mine looks like:

Water - The base ingredient
Peppermint Hydrosol - I love the aroma!
Cucumber Glycerite - For hydration properties
Geogard Ultra - Helps preserve my formulation

And let's formulate!

Water 70%
Peppermint Hydrosol 20%
Cucumber Glycerite 9%
1% Geogard Ultra


Add all the ingredients above and stir well.
Transfer into a container and it's ready to use!

Points to note

Because this formula is just a planned one, I did not actually do it.

So, if you do use my formula above, please remember to check the pH!

The recommended pH is anything between 5.0 to 5.5. Anything below 5.0 or above 5.5, you are going to need a pH Buffer Solution.

It's your turn!

Now that you have a rough idea on how to formulate a DIY eye makeup remover, it's your turn to make one!

You can share products you make online with us on this page!

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