Why indie vegan makeup brands need our support

Did you know that here are more indie vegan makeup brands today than in the last 5 years?

What is an indie beauty brand?

An indie beauty brand is a beauty company that is independently owned. Usually she is a small scale business with less than 50 employees.

Most indie beauty brands often start as home-based businesses. Then they slowly grow into something bigger - from own kitchen to a manufacturing base or from home to a retail space, etc.

Unless of course you have a budget like the Kardashians or Jenner, you can birth a cosmetic line overnight. 😁

Why support an indie vegan makeup brand?

There are about 88 Vegan Makeup Brands as of January 2022. And you can support any one (or few) of them!

During my time, there were not many vegan brands. I can only remember Everyday Minerals - and that was like 14, 15 years ago!

An indie vegan makeup brand usually:

  • run by women - usually a mom 😁
  • original because she uses her own ideas 
  • make products in small batches or made to order
  • has a good eye for quality
  • has excellent customer service

Because a small company has small budget, they often run everything by themselves, get their family members to help or employ just a few people!

Every sale means a lot to them.

You may not see it but if you buy something... anything from them, it means:

  • they can pay their bills
  • their children can go to school, buy books, have pocket money
  • they can afford to buy medications, maybe their sick child's hospital bills
  • they all have something to eat
  • and more!

This is why there is very few returns and complains made against indie vegan makeup brands - every sale is important.

Not everyone's intentions are good

A few years ago, I too wanted to be a cosmetic formulator. After I got my Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation, I was hungry for more.

I wanted to formulate makeup and I thought I found the right teacher. I was wrong. I got scammed $78 and she is still out there.

I pray that no one else get scammed by her.

How to spot a trusted and reliable indie vegan makeup brand?

This is easy if you know the owner of the company. However, when we make online purchases, 99% of the time we do not know who we are dealing with!

Here's how to spot a trusted seller:

  • If she is a veteran seller, she surely has reviews. Generally more positive reviews than negative ones.
  • Her packaging is often secured, protected with bubble wraps, packaging peanuts, packaging cushion etc. This is to avoid product from leakage and breakage. 
  • She makes sure you are informed about the shipping - when is it, what type of shipping etc.
  • Open the box up, there is always a thank you card and/or a free gift!
  • Lastly, she knows her stuff so if you have any tough questions, she can provide answers.

It's completely okay to support sellers who are just starting out. They do not have any reviews yet.

So, why not be her first customer? Who knows you gals might end up becoming friends!

Are you a small business owner running a skincare or cosmetics online store? I would love to feature you in my new fb group here! 

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