Apply Foundation with Buildable Coverage - The Easy Way!

Everyday Minerals Semi-Matte Foundation

The term buildable coverage started with the powdered version of mineral makeup. Slowly it gained traction with liquid foundation.

Back in the days, liquid foundations are known to be the only ones that provide full coverage. Buildable coverage was not popular then.

Because it was considered a premium cosmetic product, consumers use them for special events like prom or wedding. But now, my daughters wear it for selfies!

Products between 1950 to 1990

1950 Compact Foundation, The Vintage Compact Shop
1960 Liquid Foundation, eBay
1970 Foundation, National Museum of American History
1980 Foundation, National Museum of American History
1990 Foundation, Buy Me Beauty

What does buildable coverage mean?

Buildable coverage means you can build the coverage according to your preference:

  • light
  • medium
  • full

If you like putting on a light makeup, light coverage suits you. If you are going to an event, probably a full coverage will enhance your appearance.

How to get from light to full coverage?


Apply foundation as usual. If you don't like it, simply apply more! Of course, you have to choose a foundation that is closest to your skin tone otherwise it will appear cakey and fake.

Buildable coverage works for any foundation. Sometimes, even after applying concealer you are not able to cover up some deep scars, so you can apply more foundation and blend it.

It also works for any type of foundation - liquid, pressed or powder. 

Use an applicator such as a brush or a Beauty Blender for an even look. Apply more product on the skin to achieve a fuller coverage.

Tips for a long wear 

If you have to wear foundation on many hours, follow these tips!

  1. Exfoliate your skin and apply serum + moisturizer
  2. Apply Primer before foundation
  3. To get flawless and smooth skin, consume skin supplements
  4. Use skin corrector to faint scars, blemishes, spots or mole
  5. Use Setting Spray after you finish - this also helps for people with oily and sweaty skin

A little goes a long way

If you are using the powdered version of foundation, did you know that you only need to apply a little bit of powder Mineral Makeup to get the effect?

Only when you are not happy with this light effect, then you work your way up to a fuller coverage.

See how one of my favorite YouTuber, Shelbey Wilson applied powder mineral foundation with just a little bit of product!

Watch how she blends it onto her skin to achieve the flawless, fresh and matte look!

Video will start playing at 3:10.

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