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Who doesn't love beauty secrets? ❤️

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way...even though you have gained post partum weight!

You are beautiful then, you are beautiful now!

And guess what, makeup does wonders! It can cover any flaws on the skin! 

You just need to find the right ones.

Do you have pale-looking skin? Use a foundation that goes well with your undertone!

Do you have eczema? Drink 1-2 glasses of Wheatgrass juice daily!

Have dry skin? Increase your intake of juicy fruits like oranges and eat less table salt!

Don't listen to your haters

Haters say nasty things because they hate you.

And you know what? Sometimes that hater is inside your own mind!

Don't listen to anything she says!

Do you have thousands of followers? That means you have haters too!

Some will leave comments that will tear you apart and make you question what the H are you doing.

⛔ Don't let them get to you!

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