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Vegan Makeup Magazine, Issue #001 -- teaser here
February 13, 2022

A very good Monday morning!

(Or is it still Sunday over there?)

Welcome to Make Vegan Makeup community.

At the moment, I am writing content for oil thickeners.

Not many formulators know about this so I really hope that my upcoming article can help you formulate thicker oils!

One that you can adjust to make it like a gel or buttery - isn't that fun? Omg!

I am also looking at waterproof ingredients that's Vegan or Natural.

It's kinda tough to look for natural ones, I know.

What about you? What have you been busy with lately?

You can share with me about anything! But... you need to send your reply to instead.

Have you done the Quiz? If not, here's the link: Make Vegan Makeup Quiz

Did you check out my latest formula - Vegan Liquid Lipstick? If not, here's the link: Liquid Lipstick eBook

I am going to eat my Keto Muffins for breakfast now.

I will write again soon!

Your shy but friendly formulator,

Yati Nasir

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